About us

Memory Vault is a free online publishing platform, allowing people to tell the stories of their family. We think that there is real importance in encouraging people to record the stories of their relatives in a searchable and shareable way that fits the way we communicate today. 

The format will support the transition from hardcopy to digital and will build a social communication channel between the pre-internet and Internet-native generations, contributing to the shared knowledge of Social History.



Our Vision
Preserving and popularising valuable personal historical socio-cultural information by making it widely visible and easy to access for everyone worldwide. It is a popular Social history project within a modern storytelling format.

Our Mission
Helping millions of people to tell the life story of extraordinary relatives by developing a new type of pier-to-pier media. Support digitalisation of our social history showing historical events from a new personal perspective of the people who were involved.

Our Goal
Create service, establish a brand and become an absolute leader in our niche, serving millions of registered users.


Our Strategy

Free Basic Service
Service positioned as High Quality – Low Price, allowing it to address the mass consumer

Customer Engagement
Exceed expectations, establish collaboration and increase engagement with customer worldwide

Total Customer Solution
Offer multiple additional services helping to recognise, celebrate and share life stories. 

Social Function
Help societies to digitalise their social history, record and display the individual stories. 

Independence through Steady Revenues
Collect fees from additional services and perks. Monetise from on-site adverting.

Fast & Constant Growth
As the only website of its kind, we have the potential for expediential growth. 


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